Packaged Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

Fire extinguishing unit with fire protection performance better than that of a sprinkler system.


SPRINEX realizes a fire protection performance equal to or better than that of a sprinkler system, while being less of a burden on the building or persons.
SPRINEX is a compact fire extinguishing package, making it easier to install and perform maintenance.
SPRINEX is a whole new fire extinguishing system which prevents damage expansion.

Three Strong Points of SPRINEX

  • 1st
  • Less chance of a secondary disaster due to a discharging fire extinguisher
  • SPRINEX uses only 216 liters of fire extinguishing fluid to extinguish fire instead of using large amount of water.
    You are less likely to see rooms flooded and can avoid a secondary disaster.
  • 2nd
  • Space-saving design and no need to prepare a water tank
  • SPRINEX does not require a large water tank and the piping diameter is only 34mm.
    Its space-saving design allows you to install the system in a wide variety of facilities.
  • 3rd
  • Easier installation and maintenance
  • You need not remove the ceiling to install SPRINEX.
    If the ceiling has an access hole, installation can be completed in only two hours for each room.
    Basic maintenance is possible with one-touch operation.

Comparison between SPRINEX and a sprinkler system

SPRINEX Sprinkler

Extinguishing performance 4 times better than that of water prevents another fire breaking out!
* Water with Type 3 wetting agents is used.

The extinguishing fluid meets the test standards and its performance is approximately 4 times better than that of water. Impressively cools down, soaks in, and prevents fire breakout, passing the strict test that requires extinguishing performance at least equal to that of a sprinkler.

Uses a lot of water to extinguish a fire.


A system that extinguishes a fire by ejecting a lot of water (12.8 m² or more in the case of a high sensitivity head) for a long time. It is estimated that a fire engine will reach the area approximately 15 minutes after the fire alarm is activated, so the ejection time is set to approximately 20 minutes in order to prevent fire spread.

The extinguishing fluid is neutral pH6.9 and safe with very little irritation!

Japan Food Research Laboratories certified that irritation and other effects are extremely low even if the extinguishing agent comes into contact with your skin or eyes.
The quality remains stable even after years of storage.

Harmless as water is used.

However, the pipes may rust or rot over time.

Senses and extinguishes rapidly!
Using a sensor for automatic fire alarm equipment, SPRINEX senses a fire quickly and ejects extinguishing fluid from the vents of Line 1.
The fire is completely extinguished at an early stage.

A system for extinguishing a typical building fire.

An enclosed-type sprinkler head equipped with a thermal decomposition mechanism that opens and ejects water when heat is detected.
Water is usually stagnant. Thermal decomposition takes time, and water ejection starts late.

False activation rarely occurs!
This system only activates after both types of sensors detect a fire, so false activation rarely occurs.
When either sensor detects a fire, the buzzer goes off to inform you of the fire.

False activation rarely occurs.

It takes time for the heat of the fire to melt the thermal part of the head.
Since the fire sensor is not so sensitive, false activation rarely occurs.

Strong against earthquakes and no worries about freezing!

The extinguishing fluid is stored in the main unit itself and the pipes are always empty, so there is no chance of fluid leaking or freezing resulting from decay or an earthquake.

A freezing protection device is required in cold areas, and worries still remain when an earthquake occurs.

Maintenance (Checkup) is very easy!

A simple key press can maintain and manage the system, but the sensor needs to be properly maintained and managed. The extinguishing fluid itself does not deteriorate, but a basic checkup is required.

* A legal checkup needs to be performed twice a year
(the same applies to a sprinkler).

Needs to be maintained and managed in a wide variety of ways.

The extinguishing system differs from that of SPRINEX, and the sensor does not need to be maintained or managed. However, the water tank, pump system, private power generator, and all other devices need to be properly maintained.

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Type Packaged Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
Model General use, water type (with wetting agent), 216 L (N2 stored-pressure, iron-made)
Certified model No. Validated/certified
package No.18-1
Protective coverage 21m²×50 systems max.
Discharge time. 90 to 150 sec. Service temperature range 0 to+40 ℃
Type Extinguishing agent for fire extinguishing equipment
Extinguishing agent Model Class III water with wetting agent
Model No. C-MS II Validated model No. Validated agent No.13-2
Type Packaged Automatic Fire Extinguishing System and extinguishing agent storage container
Extinguishing agent storage container Model 217 L TP2.0 MPa
Model No. FSSM500,500S Certified model No. Validated/certified package No.1
Extinguishing agent storage container Material: SPC, Capacity: 108.5 L, Qty: 2
Main body unit Pressurized gas cartridge Capacity: 20 L, Type of gas: N2
Max. charging pressure: 14.7 MPa
Type Pressurized N2 gas cartridge valve
Cartridge valve Model N2 (TP 24.5M)
Validated model No. Validated valve No. 57-12
Pressure regulator Compliant to JIS B 6803
Secondary pressure: 0.9 to 0.98 MPa
Receiving panel Rated voltage: 100V, Rated current: 1A
  Type Packaged automatic fire extinguishing system & emergency power supply
Emergency power supply Model Master unit: 1.65 Ah / 5 HR
Slave unit: 0.45 Ah / 5 HR
Certified model No. Master unit: Validated/certified package No.18
Slave unit: Validated/certified package No.17
Housing dimensions Indoor type: W1,050 x D450 x h1,800mm
Outdoor type: W1,090 x D650 x h1,910mm
Total weight Master unit - Indoor type: 500 kg, Outdoor type: 560 kg
Slave unit - Indoor type: 485 kg, Outdoor type: 545 kg

The specification is subject to change without notice.

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Installation Example

In the figure below, three SPRINEX systems are installed in one floor following the installation standard. Three different systems are installed alternately according to the size of the rooms, and each color represents the protection area of each system. In this arrangement, each system can extinguish fire occurring in each protection area (under 21㎡), securely and can prevent the spread of a fire.

SPRINEX fire extinguishing system
One unit of SPRINEX can cover a protection area of 21㎡. When you use a 50-channel sensor board, the protection area extends up to 1,050㎡.
When either of the two different types of sensor detects a fire, it beeps to notify another sensor that a fire has occurred. Then, the system in the fire compartment starts up, opens the selection valve, and fire extinguishing fluid is discharged from outlets in the system. The 216L of fluid extinguishes a fire securely and can prevent reignition.
SPRINEX units are installed alternately according to the installation standard.
By arranging the pipe network for each system alternately, each system covers an area of under 21㎡ and prevents the spread of a fire.
The maximum length of the main pipe is 90m. However, when the pipe branches off left and right at the main unit, the length can be extended up to 180m.
Installation Example
Installation Example
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System Diagram of SPRINEX

  • Three types of sensor board are available. (50 channels, 125 channels, or 175 channels)
  • One sensor board can control up to three main units.
  • A sensor board is for indoor use. However, a main unit with fire extinguishing fluid tanks for outdoor use is available.
  • You can install a sensor board indoors and a main unit with fire extinguishing fluid tanks outdoors.
  • Install two sensor boards if you have more than 175 protection areas.
  • The low profile design of the main unit allows you to install it in a small space such as under the stairs.
  • There are two types of main unit: header unit (with a sensor board) and follower unit (without a sensor board).
  • There are two types of header unit and follower unit: indoor type and outdoor type.
  • A header unit is equipped with a sensor board and fire extinguishing fluid tanks.
  • A follower unit is equipped with fire extinguishing fluid tanks only.
  • One header unit can control up to two follower units.
  • Install multiple header units for a large building.
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Find out more about SPRINEX with this video.

This video provides an easy-to-understand description of the “SPRINEX”, which is a Packaged Automatic Fire Extinguishing System that can be used in place of sprinkler equipment. The system offers the same or better level of fire prevention safety as sprinklers, in accordance with Ordinance 92 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications issued on May 31, 2004.

*Japanese language version only

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