Rotary Dump Garbage Truck Pack Master™

Product Outline

Rotary garbage truck "Pack Master™" with reliability and track record
The loading mechanism has been improved to achieve a higher loading capacity (than our company's products).
The new model is packed with features for higher operability, maintenance ability and safety as follows.
Tailgate side protectors with which the driver can easily recognize the rear end of the vehicle during backward rolling, ensuring higher safety. Wastewater tank with a large opening to be closed with a cover whose to-and-fro direction of opening/closing can be changed for easier cleaning.
Bucket garbage scraper to remove any garbage left in the bucket from the driver's seat during discharge.

* The vehicles shown in the pictures include optional components.
* Please note that the actual product may differ from the pictures shown.

Product SPEC

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Applicable chassis  Compact vehicle (2 tons) Compact wide vehicle (3.5-4 tons) Medium-size vehicle (4 tons)
Model KA752D KA768D KB782D
Loading type Rotating plate type
Vehicle dimensions Overall length(mm) Approx. 5,190-5,310 Approx. 5,710-5,800 Approx. 6,290-6,450
Overall width(mm) Approx. 1,850 Approx. 2,080 Approx. 2,220
Overall height(mm) Approx. 2,160-2,190 Approx. 2,290-2,350 Approx. 2,600-2,700
Packer capacity(㎥) 5.2 6.8 8.2
Tailgate capacity(㎥) 0.29 0.34 0.42
Packer internal dimensions Length(mm) 2,610 2,925 3,110
Width(mm) 1,785 2,000 1,975
Height(mm) 1,225 1,280 1,495
Tailgate dimensions  Width(mm) 1,430 1,650 1,680
Height(mm) Approx. 800 Approx. 800 Approx. 840
Tailgate ground height (mm) Approx. 690-700 Approx. 740-800 Approx. 730-830
Loading time (sec./cycle)  10-13
Discharge type Dump type
Discharge time (sec.) Approx. 15 Approx. 20
Wastewater tank capacity (L) 83 96 122

* Specifications are subject to change depending on the chassis model and optional specifications.