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Message from Top Management

Thank you for your continuing support.

The Morita Group was founded in 1907. The engineering and manufacturing skills we learned along the way, after developing Japan’s first gasoline-powered fire pump, became the foundation that allowed us to continue taking firefighting technology forward, and we have constantly safeguarded the lives and assets of people from fires and disasters. Today, we safeguard human lives and the environment more broadly by developing recycling facilities and environmental conservation vehicles.

- Safeguarding lives and the environment. Securing peace of mind. Technology, powered by visionary challenge. -

We define our purpose - our reason for being in society - as follows.

Precisely because this is an era of radical change and high uncertainty, we believe it is more important than ever to clarify our reason for being and the values we can provide to society, and bring together the capabilities of people with an unflagging passion for change.

Our commitment to this remains continuing and unwavering, as we dedicate ourselves to securing a future filled with peace of mind. Through our advanced technology - the source of so many groundbreaking products - we must constantly reinvent ourselves, and keep tackling the challenges of creating a sustainable future. I hope we can count on your continuing support for the Morita Group as we move forward.

  • Chairman & CEO Masahiro Nakajima Chairman & CEO
    Masahiro Nakajima
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