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Morita's Philosophy

To save as many lives as possible has been a continuing mission for Morita Group since its establishment 1907 to the present.Fire Fighting Vehicles Business Recycling Machines Business Bicycles Business Environmental Conservaion Vehicles Business Fire Protection Equipment & Systems Business

Purpose is our reason for being in society.
It is the purest and simplest expression of why Morita Group exists.

Vision is a statement encapsulating our aspirations, which are realized through purpose-driven management, for the society we envision.

Values are the important ideals for which each employee stands for.


Safeguarding lives and the environment. Securing peace of mind.
Technology, powered by visionary challenge.


Our history begins with a single, visionary challenge: to entirely change firefighting in Japan.
We started by building Japan’s first gasoline-powered fire pump, quickly moving on to the development of Japan’s first domestically produced fire truck.
The engineering and manufacturing skills we learned along the way became the foundation that allowed us to continue taking firefighting technology forward. And over time, we broadened our thinking on safeguarding human lives to include safeguarding the environment by developing recycling facilities and environmental conservation vehicles.

Now, to satisfy the demands of these rapidly changing times, our vision and challenge must evolve and grow once again.
We are proud of our engineering skills, manufacturing knowhow and track record of reliability, but it is time to move beyond building standalone machinery and instead create complete systems of integrated disaster response solutions.
To remain indispensable to society and contribute even more to its development, it is first necessary to reinvent ourselves.

By combining our advanced technology - the source of so many groundbreaking products - and the endless human drive to innovate with the power of AI and the IoT, we will meet and overcome the challenges of disaster management and the environment.
Our commitment to this remains continuing and unwavering, as we dedicate ourselves to securing a future filled with peace of mind.


To be a valued and respected company
by serving to shape a safe, accessible, and thriving society.


The trust of customers and society
Together with customers and society, by delivering quality with care, fulfill expectations and maintain trust.

Principled business management
Conduct business fairly and justly. Preserve social integrity.

Challenge and growth
Pursue ambitions and progress. Continue to challenge and grow.

Resilient pursuit of innovation
Break from the status quo. Venture boldly into new places.

Respect for diversity
Celebrate the different values and diverse individualities.

Living together with nature and society
Continue to solve environmental and social problems. Shape the future together with society.

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