Product Outline

Neutral agent made from a food ingredients.
Its effect on the human body is negligible.

This fire extinguishing chemical is vinegar-based, and contains a neutral agent made from food ingredients; its effect on the human body is negligible.

Capability for fire extinguishing
A high effect is demonstrated in a fire of fried food oil.
Suitable for the use in a clean environment such as kitchen, factory and store etc..

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Product SPEC

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Product name VS3A
Gross weight
5.5kg 6.1kg
Weight of chemicals 3.0L 3.0L
Total height
525mm 530mm
Maximum width
200mm 200mm
Shell diameter
127mm 127mm
Common Pressure 7.0 to 9.8x10-1Mpa 7.0 to 9.8x10-1Mpa
Hose Length Closable (hose length approx. 310 mm) Closable (hose length approx. 310 mm)
Discharge time
30 sec. (at 20℃) 30 sec. (at 20℃)
Radiation circle 6-7m (at 20℃) 6~8m (at 20℃)
Temp. range -20 to +40℃ -20 to +40℃
Fire rating (Japan) A-1, B-1, C A-1, B-1, C

The specification is subject to change without notice.