Kitchen eye

Product Outline

Safe to use, secure to have Kitchen eye - a new type of fire extinguisher friendly to both the environment and the human body

Kitchen eye uses fire-extinguishing chemicals blended with food ingredients. The chemical is thus safe and harmless to the human body. Moreover, the extinguisher sprays no powder like the popular powder extinguishers, requiring less time to clean up after using.

  • Harmless to the human body and environment with no toxic substance contained.
  • Ideal for fighting a fire caused by frying oil! Also good for first-aid fire fighting in various house fires.
  • Stylish sparkling colors variations in harmony with housing interior.

*Please note that the actual product may differ from the image shown.

Product SPEC

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Product name Home-Use Stored-Pressure Fire Extinguisher
Kitchen eye
Gross weight
Weight of chemicals Water and alkali salt (neutral). 1L
Total height
Shell diameter
Maximum width
Pressure source gas N2
Discharge time
12sec. (at 20℃)
Radiation circle 4-6m (at 20℃)
Temp. range -20 to +40℃
Price (including tax) Open price
Expiration date 5 years
*The product is maintenance free.
*Replace with new one when the product expires.

The specification is subject to change without notice.