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Kitchen Leo / Home Leo
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Product Outline

Fully automatic from detection to extinguishment. The advanced system protects the life of your family and your property.
This is a home-use automatic fire extinguisher that can automatically detects and extinguishes a fire. With this fully automatic extinguisher, you do not need to approach the source of a fire. This compact, easy-to-install and easy-to-check extinguisher is introduced by more and more households as part of their home security system. The product comes in two models. One is Kitchen Leo particularly suitable for extinguishing a fire caused by tempura oil. The other is Home Leo, which is a downward discharge type for use in living rooms.

*Please note that the actual product may differ from the image shown.

Product SPEC

Product name Kitchen Leo FHL4 (for kitchen) Kitchen Leo FHL10K (for kitchen) Home Leo FHL10 (Water and alkali salt)
Gross weight
3.6kg 7.8kg 7.8kg
Weight of chemicals 1.5L 3.0L 3.0L
Total height
460mm 610mm 610mm
Maximum width
96mm 135mm 135mm
Discharge tube Copper tube, OD 6mm x 2m Copper tube, OD 8mm x 3m Copper tube, OD 8mm x 3m
Discharge time
30sec. 27sec. 27sec.
Detection media Fusible metal 95℃ Fusible metal 95℃ Fusible metal 62℃

The specification is subject to change without notice.

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