Special-Purpose Vehicle

High-pressure Cleaning Vehicle (Hi-Pre Cleaner)

High-pressure Cleaning Vehicle (Hi-Pre Cleaner)
  • High-pressure Cleaning Vehicle (Hi-Pre Cleaner)

Product Outline

High power cleaner suitable for cleaning, peeling or removing work
Hi-pre Cleaner injects high pressure water from the tip of its high pressure water hose to peel off deposit and condensate on the internal surface of sewage and domestic wastewater piping whose drainage function has degraded.
The core of Hi-pre Cleaner is a combination of a ceramic made plunger and a plunger pump with a combined suction and discharge valve mechanism. The equipment features space saving and light weight as well as excellent durability and maintenance ability.
The discharge line supports a variety of nozzles and piping of various shapes and sizes.
With an optional gun nozzle fitted, Hi-pre Cleaner can be used for even wider application including wall or floor cleaning, paint film peeling, bark stripping and shell removal from hulls.

*Please note that the actual product may differ from the pictures shown.

Product SPEC

Model   HS-423MPL-4 HS-420MPL-3 SE-424MPL-1 SE-420MPL-1
Applicable vehicle (ton)   4 4 4 4
Vehicle dimensions Overall length (mm) 6,190〜6,220 6,190〜6,220 6,210〜6,240 6,160〜6,240
Overall width (mm) 2,175〜2,200 2,175〜2,200 2,175〜2,200 2,175〜2,200
Overall height (mm) 2,400〜2,460 2,400〜2,460 2,390〜2,450 2,390〜2,450
Total vehicle weight (kg)   7,910〜7,980 7,910〜7,980 7,910〜7,970 7,910〜7,970
Tank Capacity 2,500 2,500 1,800〜1,900 1,985〜2,100
Plunger pump Model C-110H472 C-110H502 C-151V458 C-151V458
Maximum pressure MPa (kg/cm2) 22.6MPa
Discharge L/min 200L/min 230L/mim 230L/mim 230L/mim
Hose reel Main reel drive Hydraulic direct connected Hydraulic direct connected Hydraulic direct connected Hydraulic direct connected
Main reel winding capacity 1B×80m 1B×80m 3/4Bor1B×80m 3/4Bor1B×80m
Sub reel drive Manual Manual Manual Manual
Sub reel winding capacity 1/2B×40m 1/2B×40m 1/2B×40m 1/2B×40m

The specification is subject to change without notice.

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