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Overhaul of Fire Trucks

Necessity of Overhaul

Overhaul Why is overhaul necessary?

Fire trucks with expensive, complicated equipment required to have even higher safety and reliability, such as ladder trucks, water towers and chemical tender, need to be overhauled by specialists after a certain period of years of use in addition to regular maintenance and inspection, in order to maintain safety and the original performance over long time.

Target Vehicles

  • Aerial Ladder Truck
    Aerial Ladder Truck
  • Aerial Platform Truck
    Aerial Platform Truck
  • Water Tower Truck
    Water Tower Truck
  • Heavy Duty Chemical Tender
    Heavy Duty Chemical Tender
  • Foam Liquid Tanker
    Foam Liquid Tanker
  • Airport Crush Tender
    Airport Crush Tender

Ladder truck overhaul process>>

Overhaul is to remove and disassemble components and structures of relevant fire trucks for repairing and/or replacing potential faulty/deteriorated parts and consumables to recover the original functions and performance, ensuring "safety" and "security" for the future.

  • overhauled by specialists
  • overhauled by specialists

The necessity of overhaul is proven by the fact that there are some critical faults that cannot be detected without disassembly. Such faults can never be identified through appearance inspection. Some of them may lead to a major accident.

overhauled by specialists
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