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Privacy Protection Policy

Privacy Protection Policy

Morita Group understands that it is our social responsibility to use personal information appropriately. Thus, we have set forth the privacy protection policies below. We, all executives and personnel, will comply with these policies to take our full privacy protection measures.

Morita Group’s Privacy Protection Policy

  • 1. Morita Group complies with the laws and regulations on proper personal information handling.
  • 2. Morita Group acquires personal information in a proper manner. Unless otherwise stipulated by the law, we announce or disclose the use of personal information and use it within the range of the announced or disclosed purpose.
  • 3. Morita Group educates all executives and personnel so that they understand the importance of privacy protection and handle personal information properly.
  • 4. Morita Group takes proper safety management measures by striving to prevent any privacy protection inadequacies such as unauthorized access as well as personal data loss, corruption, falsification, and leak.
  • 5. Morita group will not give personal information to any third parties without a prior agreement with the person unless otherwise stipulated by the law.
  • 6. Morita Group exercises adequate supervision so that personal information safety can be properly managed when we outsource the handling of personal information.
  • 7. Morita Group institutes the privacy protection procedures including the disclosure and correction of personal information.
    We are also responsible for listening to and responding to opinions and inquiries on personal information handling issues.
  • 8. Morita Group continuously reviews our privacy protection management system and commitment for further betterment.
  • Morita Holdings Corporation
    Shinichi Kanaoka, President
    [Contact regarding privacy protection]
    Group Corporate Division, General Affairs Department
    TEL: +81-6-6208-1910
    FAX: +81-6-6208-1917
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Personal Information Handling in Our Websites

Morita Holdings Corporation and its group companies (referred to as “the group companies” hereafter) are paying close attention to privacy protection so that you can comfortably use the Morita Group companies’ websites (https://www.morita119.com, https://www.morita119.jp, https://www.moritamiyata.com, and https://www.morita119-kt.com, referred to as “the group companies’ websites”).
Toward this objective, the group companies’ websites will take considerable care in handling your personal information to ensure privacy protection based on the following policies.
Please know that the privacy policies are subject to change without prior notice.

1. Personal Information
The “personal information” referred to in the group companies’ websites is names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and other information that identifies you as individuals.

2. Cookies Policy
Websites of Group companies use access analysis tools to provide a better user experience, and may use Cookies to gather data.
Cookies are pieces of information saved on devices connected to the internet, such as the computers and smart devices of users who have visited a website.
Websites of Group companies use information stored in Cookies, such as the number of visits or what pages were visited, in order to improve website services for users.
Cookies used on the websites of Group companies are not used for any purpose other than those mentioned above. Furthermore, these Cookies contain no information that can be used to identify individual users.
If you do not wish to have your Cookie information used, you may choose to decline receiving Cookies or delete Cookie information saved on your web browser. Please contact the manufacturers of your web browser software for information on browser configuration.
Please note that some webpage functions may not be available when Cookies are disabled.

3. Personal Information Collection
Some of the group companies’ websites may ask you for your personal information; for example, personal information may be demanded when you reply to questionnaires which directly ask for your requests or opinions on the group companies’ products or services, or when you apply for our giveaway prize competitions. Even in such situations, we explain details including the purpose of collecting the information and the use range of the information clearly before we ask you for information. We also try to ask you for as little information as possible.

4. Use of Personal Information
Personal information provided by users will be used for legitimate purposes, such as to improve Morita Group products, services, and to provide information for events, products, and services (via telephone, email, DM, etc.), within the scope of use stated at the time of collecting this information. Please note that a minimum amount of user information necessary may be entrusted to contractors to ensure responses to inquiries and to send information on events and seminars.
We also make good use of such statistical materials (for example, the age groups of users of the group companies’ websites) that are created based on your personal information, in order to manage the website better.

5. Personal Information Disclosure to Third Parties
As a rule, we do not disclose your personal information, which you have revealed to the group companies’ websites, to other companies or persons without your individual agreement. However, we may disclose your personal information when we are required to do so in the following cases: You, who are a user of the group companies’ websites, cause a disadvantage to a third party, and the third party charges you for the disadvantage; public agencies such as the court or police ask us to disclose your personal information; and other such situations.

6. Personal Information Protection and Management
Morita Group takes heavy security measures with management responsible persons assigned to prevent personal information inadequacies such as loss, misuse, and falsification.
When you send your personal information, however, we cannot assure its security because of the nature of the Internet. Please send your information safely under your responsibility.
Please note that Morita Group will not be responsible for the protection or misuse of the personal information that is gleaned by irrelevant third-party websites linked to the groups’ websites.

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