About Us

About Morita Group

The Morita Group was founded in 1907 by Shosaku Morita, from whom the company name is derived. For the over 110 years since the development of Japan's first gasoline-powered fire pump, we have advanced along with the history of development of firefighting technology in Japan as a leading manufacturer of fire trucks.
Today, the fields of our business not only cover fire fighting and fire protection equipment & systems but also have expanded into environmental conservation vehicles and recycling facilities for safeguarding the environment from everyday pollution.


Safeguarding lives and the environment.
Securing peace of mind.
Technology, powered by visionary challenge.

History of over 110 years since foundation

Our history began with a single, visionary challenge: to change firefighting in Japan entirely.

Four business fields

To achieve a safe society and environment
where all people can live with peace of mind

The Morita Group has developed its business in the four fields of "fire fighting vehicles", "fire protection equipment & systems", "recycling machines", and "environmental conservation vehicles". We provide a wide range of products that seek to safeguard lives and the environment.

*as of March 31, 2024

Fire Fighting Vehicles Business

We develop, manufacture, and sell various types of fire trucks including ladder trucks and pumpers.

Fire Protection Equipment & Systems Business

In addition to the development, manufacture, and sale of disaster protection equipment such as fire extinguishers, we design and construct fire extinguishing systems.

Recycling Machines Business

In addition to the development, manufacture, and sale of various machines for processing metallic scrap, we design, construct, and manage waste disposal facilities.

Environmental Conservation Vehicles Business

We develop, manufacture, and sell various special-purpose vehicles as well as environmental conservation vehicles such as sanitary vehicles and garbage trucks.

Morita Group's strengths

Having a large market share in each of its business segments

In each of our business segments, we have developed products that have gained large market shares in Japan.

Global expansion

Accelerating globalization

In 2016, Bronto Skylift, a Finnish company, joined our group.
As a global brand renowned for aerial platforms, Bronto Skylift has constructed sales networks in over 100 countries which are principally located in Europe but can also be found in Asia, North America, and Africa.

In addition to sale from Japan mainly to Asian countries, we have mutually utilized the technologies and sales channels of Morita and Bronto Skylift to expand the group's sale across the globe, thereby accelerating our globalization.

Aerial Platform

The world's tallest aerial platform for municipal firefighting at 112m

MVF21 jointly developed by Morita and Bronto Skylift

Aerial Platform for work at height

Used for maintenance and servicing of wind power generation facilities

Used for maintenance and servicing of power transmission lines

Ladder trucks for China

Pumpers and ladder trucks for Mongolia

Pumpers and ladder trucks for Maldives