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Seeking Supplier

Morita is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of fire vehicles in Japan and other Asian regions.
We seek information on new technologies on a worldwide basis. It would be appreciated if we could get such information from companies with product.
We look forward to your information that will give our products innovative functionality as well as an advanced design and cost merits.

Flow of Transaction

1.Proposal of supplier → 2.Evaluation → 3.Submission of product details → 4.Evaluation → 5.Negotiation → 6.Contract → 7.Delivery

Inviting proposal for following products

  • hydraulic device
  • locking device
  • resin made functional parts
  • lever
  • electrical parts
  • roller shutters
  • rescue equipment
  • bracket for fixation of equipment
  • hydraulic actuator, electric actuator
  • plastic made container , storage box
  • storage device, loading device, lifting device
  • sensor for flow volume, proximity, pressure and etc
  • waterproof switches


We will make full use of your precious information that we receive, which will be Morita's assets to contribute to the growth of the disaster prevention industry.
We will contact all the companies sending us information. However, it would be appreciated if you could understand our situation that we may not be able to send feedback for all the information.


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