Lumbar Support Innerwear for Women "calena"


  • The Support Theory
  • The mechanism of calena
  • Special attributes just for woman
  • Specification
Just wearing “calena” reduces the load on the lumbar area.Lumbar Support Innerwear for Women rakunie calena Made in Japan Strenuous and stressful work bending your back—The lumbarsupport innerwear “calena” will secretly support you.Working females often find themselves bending forward or in a half-bent posture when doing tasks. Everyone wants to find a way to relieve this daily stress, to reduce load on the lumbar and make your figure look nice at the same time—The lumbar support innerwear “calena” can provide these features.The strength created by the elastic fabric when bendingforward provides support for the back muscles! This means a decreased load on the lumbar area.
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Taking the Theory to Practical Use

This product was based on the Keio University professor emeritus Nobutoshi Yamazaki’s Support Theory, and created with collaboration with the professor, Morita Holdings Corporation and Gunze Limited.

Nobutoshi Yamazaki
Nobutoshi YamazakiProfessor Emeritus and Doctor of Engineering at Keio University
Based on the foundation of mechanics and anatomy, he sees people as consumers with their own particular individualities and considers their true wants and needs. He has proposed a variety of new products based on innovative approaches, such as an office chair for women that reduces leg swelling and chairs for users of notebook computers to relieve stress on the eyes and hands.

*As of October 1, 2014

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The mechanism of calena’s "supporting power"

The Support Theory
The Support Theory

The surface of the back expands when bending forward. “calena” turns this force into tensile strength of its elastic fabric, reducing the muscle load. Additionally, the elastic fabric is loose and free of tension when one is standing upright, so there is no tight sensation to the wearer.

A Power-net Structure that Sustains the Supporting Power
A Power-net Structure that Sustains the Supporting Power

The special power-net structure balances out and disperses the supporting power that is transmitted down the back throughout the pelvis area, with a focus on the ischial bones. This results in no unwanted pressure and wedging in the bottom areas.

Evidence of Reduced Load Effects
Evidence of Reduced Load Effects

Results confirming that there was a 10% reduction of muscle stress in the back area were found in experiments having the subject bend down and maintain a 40 degree angle.

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It’s not only about functionality! Some special attributes just for women

  • A natural, comfortable fit
    ◆A natural, comfortable fit
    The fabric used for the tank top is Gunze’s original Free Cut cloth. It creates a natural, soft and barely-there sensation when worn.
  • Supports beauty
    ◆Supports beauty
    The special power net structure holds in your stomach and creates a beautiful hip-line.
  • Almost unnoticeable from the outside. asy to wear and remove with separate tank top and short leggings parts
    ◆Almost unnoticeable from the outside
    The thin fabric makes “calena” almost unnoticeable under your knitwear and skirts. You can wear it every day without worrying about unsightly lines.
    ◆Easy to wear and remove with separate tank top and short leggings parts
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*Japanese language version only

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【Cautions】(Units: cm)


【Usage Instructions】

Use after attaching the tank top and short leggings with the connecting parts and adjusting the side and back adjustment belts.


  • ●This product is innerwear designed to reduce the load on the lumbar region when bending the body.
    Both tank top and short leggings parts must be worn during use.
  • ●This product is not designed for treatment of lumbar pain or other conditions.
  • ●Persons whom any of the following applies should not use this product.Using this product may result in aggravation of present conditions or lead to other problems.

    ・Persons with an injury, poor circulation or other conditions in areas where the product comes in
    contact with the body, such as the shoulders, chest and lumbar areas.

    ・Pregnant or possibly pregnant females.

    ・Persons with low physical strength.

  • ●The actual level of support offered by this product will differ depending upon the individual.
  • ●Use of this product will not enable wearers to demonstrate greater strength than they actually possess.
    Do not attempt to pick up exceedingly heavy objects or use a posture that places an excessive load on the lumbar while wearing this product.

【Download Data】

Lumbar Support Innerwear for Women “calena” catalog PDF

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