Fire Fighting Flower

Fire Fighting Flower

Fire Fighting FlowerIn Japan, the largest number of household fires occur in the kitchen, and of those fires, the majority occur when cooking tempura. When tempura oil reaches high temperatures of around 360 degrees, it can easily catch fire if left alone for just ten short minutes. However, kitchens often don't have enough space to install a fire extinguisher, and even if one is installed, they are rarely used effectively.
The Fire Fighting Flower is designed to extinguished cooking oil fires in the early stages. The fire-extinguishing agents are contained within the flower petals. If tempura oil catches fire, simply place the flower head into the burning pan to extinguished the flames. The Fire Fighting Flower is easy, safe, and quickly extinguishes potentially dangerous kitchen fires. The Fire Fighting Flower has magnets on the stem so you can fix it easily and quickly to the metallic part of the refrigerator, and it makes a great decorative addition to your kitchen!

*Please note that the actual product may differ from the image shown.

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Extinguishing Experiment

1.Oil catches fire!→ 2.Fire Fighting Flower is inserted→ 3.Fire is extinguished!

Method of Use

Whoops!!! It's on fire...Grab the entire Fire Fighting Flower (including the magnet) and remove it from its place of installation while holding it by the stem.

*The product has been manufactured to exert an effect when used as a pair. When using the product, please ensure that 2 products are used simultaneously.

Don't Panic!! Nice and easy does it.When flames erupt in a cooking pot containing frying oil, to ensure that oil does not spatter, slowly thrust the flower head end of the Fire Fighting Flower into the cooking pot.

*Be careful not to get too close to the exposed flame, or to boisterously thrust the Fire Fighting Flower into the oil. When the Fire Fighting Flower is first thrust into the oil, sometimes oil and fried food fragments will spatter, and any flames present may briefly increase transiently.

Move away a little from the exposed flame and check whether the fire has been extinguished!After thrusting the flower head end of the Fire Fighting Flower into the cooking pot containing frying oil, please quickly step away from the exposed flame and wait until it is confirmed that the fire has been extinguished
Now turn off the gas at the main... finished.When it has been confirmed that the fire has been extinguished, you may turn off the gas at the main.
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Safety Precautions

This product is designed for use on a tempura pan (iron) with a diameter of 24cm at the top, 20cm at the base, and 10cm deep, filled with 600ml of soybean oil heated to 360℃~370℃, and used within 30 seconds of the oil catching fire. Depending on the actual circumstances (size of range, how the fire advances, ventilation conditions, amount of oil etc.), the fire may not be completely extinguished, or may re-ignite after being extinguished.

Product SPEC

Product Dimensions (approx.) 15x10x50cm
Product Ingredients carbonate, solubilizer, dispersant, thickener
Liquid Properties alkaline
Capacity (approx.) 100g
Materials iron, EVA, ABS resin, PE, PET, nylon, magnets
Operating Temperature Limits 0℃〜40℃
Expiration Date 2 years from date of manufacture
Country of Origin Japan

The specification is subject to change without notice.

Product Movie

*Japanese version only

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